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Smokeless Tobacco/Chewing Tobacco

Chewing TobaccoSmokeless tobacco has been linked to various cancers (particularly mouth cancer) and heart disease along with causing many dental problems.

Many smokers will experience dental problems such as bad breath, tooth decay, dental cavities, stained teeth, receded gums, periodontal gum disease and ultimately tooth loss.  If you chew smokeless tobacco, you should be aware of how smokeless tobacco causes many dental problems.

When you chew smokeless tobacco, the tobacco irritates your gum tissue and teeth.  Smokeless tobacco contains grit and sand, so when you chew it, it scratches your teeth and wears away the enamel of your teeth.  Eventually your gums become receded and the roots of your teeth become exposed, leading to many dental problems.

Also, smokeless tobacco contains large amounts of sugar.  During the curing and processing of smokeless tobacco, sugar is added to improve taste.  When you chew smokeless tobacco, the sugar attaches itself to your teeth.  Bacteria that naturally live in your mouth survive by eating the sugar they find on your teeth.  As the bacteria consume the sugar, they produce acid.  Over time, the acid will eat away at the enamel and dentin layer of your teeth.

If you chew tobacco, it is best if you quit using smokeless tobacco for various health reasons and to help maintain healthy teeth and gums.  If you believe you have a dental problem because you chew smokeless tobacco, please contact Dr. Dhayni, DDS to schedule an appointment at 858-277-5141 or email us at

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