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Mini dental implants

“Smile and the world smiles with you” is more than a simple phrase, but it actually is the truth. Teeth are important because not only we need them to eat and chew things, but also they are a great way for us to communicate without a spoken word. Accidents, illness and old age are resulting in loss of teeth. Missing teeth do not only affect your smile, but it also affects speech and confidence. Unfortunately, if you lose a tooth, it is gone forever, but you can get temporary replacements like dentures or partials. You could also get a dental implant that is more permanent.

In a dental implant, a surgeon will install a titanium rod into your gums through your jawbone. Anchors are placed to keep the rod in place and to hold the tooth in its place where it is inserted. It is a long process, which could take a couple of months because the jawbone has to grow around the titanium rod. The tooth is cut, shaped and colored and then it is literally screwed through the titanium rod. A Mini-dental implant is a smaller version of conventional implants mentioned above. They are made of titanium. The real difference with Mini-Dental Implant is that it is not that everything is halved, but the crown is thinner. Sometimes the dentist sets the price, but processes such as bone grafting absorb most of the cost.


The major advantage of having dental implants over dentures is the fact that it remains in place. When you are getting an implant, you do not have to worry about losing it whenever you sneeze or cough. What you get instead is something that will remain in place while you go about your everyday activities of eating and drinking.

The biggest advantage of getting a Mini-Dental Implant is regaining of your confidence. At San Diego Dentistry, we understand this and it is for this reason that we will provide you with as much information as you need. You should decide that you need a Mini-Dental Implant to get your smile back on your face.

The cost of a mini-dental implant

With demand going up, we see the emergence of new suppliers from all over the world. You might look for a cheaper alternative, but it is best to leave matters of quality to a dentist and professionals like San Diego dentistry but keep in mind that quality is expensive. You should keep in mind that you are putting a permanent thing in your body, so whatever goes in should be well researched, tested and certified by a regulatory body like FDA. Consider your implants as an investment.

Regular dental implants manufactured by reputable companies charge price from $1500 to $6000 per tooth. Other costs associated with dental implants is the cost of the abutment, which can be anything from $250 – $1500.00 and the crown itself might cost around $8000. This is a lot of money for just one tooth. It is good to know that you can get Mini-Dental Implant for less than $1000. Most health insurance companies regard Mini-Dental Implant as cosmetic procedures. This explains that you should look at the budget and discuss various options that are available from San Diego Dentistry.